Aqui você poderá ver uma variedade de projetos, de trilhas à arte sonora, de blocos de carnaval à mapas de pianos, da música popular à música experimental.
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Sou musicista, cantora e trabalho com música e tecnologia.
Hello, eu sou a Alessa e este é meu portfólio online.
Formada em Comunicação Social pela PUC-SP (2006) e em Música Popular na Faculdade Santa Marcelina (2011), tem pós graduação em Canção Popular (2012) também pela Santa Marcelina. Concluiu seu mestrado em Studio Composition na Goldsmiths, University of London na Inglaterra (2014). Se apresenta na cena musical paulistana desde 2004 onde cantou, tocou e arranjou para bandas como Estatuto da Gafieira, Funkalleros e Ale Soda Pop. Foi idealizadora do projeto Alessa, a Cidade e os Pianos, blog musical que dedica-se a mapear os pianos da cidade de São Paulo. É idealizadora, vocalista e diretora musical do Bloco Ritaleena, cordão carnavalesco de São Paulo que homenageia a cantora Rita Lee. É editora e colunista da revista de cultura eletroacústica linda do coletivo NME (Nova Música Eletroacústica). Além de seu trabalho em performance, atualmente pesquisa as áreas de música e tecnologia.

linda is an online magazine dedicated to electroacoustic culture. It was created by the experimental music collective NME based in São Paulo and is currently in its fifth year. It is a space dedicated to writings from new artists who have technology as part of their practice. Interviews, chronicles, reviews, sound poems, linda is free of pre-defined format. It proposes a dialogue among the various experimental art communities scattered throughout Brazil as well as abroad, establishing interdisciplinary relationships between the arts, visual or sound. linda‘s current editors are myself and composer Flora Holderbaum, besides contributing with our texts. linda was previously edited by musicians and composers Tiago de Mello and then Sergio Abdalla.

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Bloco Ritaleena premiered in 2015 with the goal of honoring not only the city of São Paulo, whose carnival is reborn and growing every year, but the artist and woman who is RITA LEE.

The search for an identity for the Carnival of São Paulo leads us to revisit icons of the local culture and, in the figure of Rita Lee, we have not only a genuinely artist from São Paulo, but also a public figure who dedicates herself, in her work and her life, to the empowerment of women, and to dialogue directly with the everyday issues of the ordinary citizen, as well as to represent the city in the musical scene from the beginning.

Each year, Ritaleena takes to the streets carnival versions of her hits like “Doce Vampiro”, “Ovelha Negra” and “Lança Perfume”. The procession takes place in São Paulo in Pinheiros street.

Bloco Ritaleena is idealized and produced by Alessa and Yumi Sakate. Has musical direction and arrangements of Alessa and direction of art, scenery and costumes of Yumi Sakate.

The band is composed by Alessa, main vocalist; Yumi Sakate and Cauê Benetti, backing vocal; Abuhl Jr. on drums; Carol Oliveira, Maurício Badé and Ilker Ezaki on percussion, Marcelo D’Angelo on guitar; Fernando Henna on the keyboard; Aime Uehara on bass.


For 2017, Ritaleena comes plugged into the theme “electric garden” and promises to parade new sonorities that mix percussion and beats in their arrangements. Packed in the fluorescence side of nature, this year costumes will visit the more lysergic characters of Rita Lee’s songs.

After two years of parades in Pinheiros, São Paulo bohemian neighborhood, a week before carnival, Ritaleena finally hit the streets during carnival period and will parade for the first time in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana. It’s estimated that at least 80 thousand followers have seen Bloco Ritaleena in its seven shows of Carnival season 2017.


a Cidade e

os Pianos

Hello, this is the blog of the project “Alessa, the City and Pianos” made in 2012-2013. Each piano has a story to tell, in a process of rediscovering, through the eyes of the instrument, the city one lives in. Documented in video, text, photography and song.

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