MONTAGEM (Mount) are four performers transporting musical segments in cardboard boxes, generating encounters, shocks, arrangements, overlays, landscapes and images. A square and raw situation, artificial and wild. It is a sound choreography, a mechanical mix of digital sound. It’s moving music.

As the initial idea was to “move music,” developing a multichannel soundtrack proved adequate. However, this is a 4.0 multichannel mobile piece. The objects, besides being mobile, needed to be light to handle, easy to operate and have a presence, not only sonorous, but performative. Simple amplification circuits were built, battery powered and connected to each performers’ mobile phone. Each box / performer had a piece of the soundtrack, and the whole of it was a result of the interaction between boxes / performer in the dance space. They operate / dance the mix of sounds in the square space where viewers participate.

MONTAGEM premiered at the Strange Music Festival 2016 – São Paulo, stayed in season at SESC Pompéia in August 2017.

This research was initiated with the support of the Goethe Institute São Paulo and Lote Osso, within the project of Bruno Levorin (“So you want to be a mover?”). Support for artistic residency: Casa Juisi. A big thanks to Key Sawao and Ricardo Iazzetta; Lot Bone and Casa do Povo.

Música e objetos sonoros | Alessa

Concepção e Coreografia | Elisabete Finger

Pesquisa | Beatriz Sano, Júlia Rocha, Patrícia Bergantin, Priscila Maia, Barbara Elias, Josefa Pereira e Danielli Mendes.

Performers | Barbara Elias, Natália Mendonça, Josefa Pereira e Patricia Bergantyn

Produção | Carolina Goulart

Fotos | Debby Gram e Tiago Lima